Qwerty’s First Year

Most of my friends and family knew what kind of dog I was going to end up with some day. I grew up with Cindy the best dog in the whole world and when she died it left a terrible hole in my heart (I still get tears in my eyes when I think about her). It was a long 14 year wait for me to get my very own German Shorthaired Pointer, but he was so worth the wait and I believe that he was put in my life to fill a small part of that hole that has been empty for so long.

It all started at the end of winter in 2017, a breeder I had been in contact with had announced a litter. This breeder is a good friend of a cousin of mine (now I call this breeder a good friend of mine). My husband and I had been talking about adding a puppy since we moved in our house the year before, our daughter was turning 2 and I was beyond ready to have a dog in my life again. We jumped and let the breeder know if they had a boy we wanted it. May 9th, 2017 Qwerty and his brother were born. I had been stalking Facebook like crazy that week, waiting for my boy to arrive and was estatic to see his first pictures. His breeders kept me updated on a regular basis with his growth and could not wait until July!

In the midst of my excitement, tragedy struck, I got a phone call from my step-mom that my Dad had been diagnosed with Stage 4 Squamous Cell Carcinoma, a terminal cancer. I was devastated. I had 2 things to keep me going, my daughter, and my new puppy. It was a hard month in between finding out my Dad’s prognosis and bringing Qwerty home, the breeder kept me up to date with pictures and updates, those always brought a smile to my face. Then July 2nd, 2017 Qwerty came home.

His first month with us was hard. We had a 2 year old we were starting to potty train and we were constantly back and forth between home and the 3 hour drive between home and where my Dad lived. Lots of time spent in a hospital. Qwerty was there with every trip though and my Dad’s neighbors and friends (who also had dogs) were wonderful and helped us make sure Qwerty’s potty training didn’t go ignored. He was amazing for a puppy, handled the car rides like a champ and LOVED all the attention he got. I was so glad my Dad got a chance to meet “MY” first GSP. He told him “Your owners gave you a funny name, but you sure are a good dog”. July 19th, my Dad passed away. Qwerty was a welcome distraction of goofiness and snuggles.

Now, it wasn’t always fun and games. Around the 4-6 months mark Qwerty started to shine in the classic GSP way. Pent up energy was a major culprit, which leads to destructive and crazy tendencies. There was pulled on curtains, ripped up carpet, chewed on shoes and toys. I thought I was going to go crazy. It probably didn’t help I was pregnant with child #2 at the time!

Winter was rough for us. It was either very cold, or snowy, which made it difficult to get Qwerty out to play. It was December that we discovered the wonder that is Doggy Day Care. He goes 2 days a week and even that is enough to help keep us sane (for the most part). He loves it there (and they love him), we watch him on their cameras and he is always playing or loving up on the staff. He comes home and he is ready to relax, which is amazing for us. Day care is completely worth the money.

Spring brought more snow here in the Midwest as well as the youngest addition to our family. I was SO worried about bringing our baby boy home, I knew Qwerty would NEVER intentionally hurt anyone, but he’s just so energetic and loving that I feared he would accidentally hurt the new one. Turns out I had nothing to fear. We brought our son home and it was instant love. Qwerty had already proven he was good with our daughter and now with an infant the biggest issue with have is too many kisses. He adores his little people, always tries to make sure we are helping them when they cry, wiggles in happiness when he sees them.

In the past year Qwerty had become a solid part of the family. He brings smiles with his wiggle butt, gets us up and moving, and drives up up the wall. The cats could give or take him (probably would prefer to take him), but I think even they would miss him if he was gone. In the past year he has truly become Qwerty Wonder Pup and I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

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