Lets build something!

Thought I would take a chance and take over the Wife’s blog and post a few pictures of a water dish holder I built for the furry kids.

Qwerty has a habit of tipping over the water bowl when he notices it is getting low. For this reason we resorted to getting a fountain for his main dish as he is unable to tip it and also doesn’t know how low it is. The problem is where we have the upstairs water dish has no outlet so we couldn’t get a second fountain for the kids. Fast forward to us having left over wood from building our oldest two legged a bed as we end up with a simple dish holder. The wood that I used if it wasn’t left over would have cost me about $15.

The first thing I did was grab our old metal dish and flip it upside down in the center and traced it to let me know how big to cut the hole. I cut the 1×12 board (pine) at 17 inches as that was the length of the placemat we normally had it on.



After I had the general shape I realized if I cut it right on the traced circle the bowl would fall straight through so I found something slightly smaller and also traced it.


I drilled a hole in the center and went to work with the jigsaw.


This is where the first learning opportunity occurred. I realized it was easier to manage with multiple holes to cut smaller parts out at a time. It is also where I realized after I made the extra holes I messed up the center of the bowl and when I was finished with the hole the bowl fell through…. at least I had the other half of the board I cut to try again. I guess they really do mean you should measure twice and cut once.


Michelle knows the real reason I wanted to build this (besides I love our furry kids) is that it gave me a reason to get some more tools. Never let a project go wasted without buying another tool. For this project I got to play with my new pocket hole jig! I measured out two 1×4 boards at 17 inches long and then 2 more for the sides at about 10 inches to make up for the boards in the front and the back that are about 1 inches thick. I have found it best to measure to fit rather then try and cut everything and put it together.


When using the pocket holes it works way better to clamp the wood down when putting the screws in so that they don’t move and it also gives a better fit.


After that I took 120 grit sand paper to it till everything was level and smooth. Test fitted the bowl and had a happy pup and wife as there was no more water being dumped on the floor.


I wanted to give it a more finished look so I again took the opportunity to get myself a new tool. I picked up a small propane torch to burn the wood a bit to make it “POP”. I found it handy to have my screw up from before to practice on to give me a better idea of what it would look like. YouTube made this process look way easier then it was. After a few scrape wood tries I went for it and for the most part I think it came out great.


I put a light stain on the wood from another leftover project to give it a little more color. Finally I sealed it with some polyurethane. I would caution most in using this as it is not “food” safe. Our animals have never shown an interest in chewing on wood in the house (besides Q when he was a puppy). They do make food safe ways to seal wood cutting boards that should work for this if your animals are prone to chewing on wood. I have never used it but here is an example on Amazon.


For a first time pet project I think it turned out pretty well. I know Michelle now has her eyes on a new raised pet bed and possibly a new kennel. If she gets her way and I end up building more I may hijack her blog again to share!

You didn’t think I would end the post without a picture of Q did you? He really is spoiled.IMG_20180822_220201419

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