Product Review: FitBark 2

We have had the FitBark2 since April 2018. My husband (Aaron) is a tech guy, our house is someday going to murder us because of the amount of smart it has. He needs to have technology on everything, that includes Qwerty (because the super nerdy name wasn’t enough). Aaron had recently gotten a FitBit himself, our son had just been born, and a snow storm that dumped over 20 inches of snow had just hit, lets just say we were all going a little stir crazy, and Aaron had been on the computer researching how he can track the dog’s fitness.

Now Aaron is a researcher, he spends most of his time researching things to make our life “easier” and “better”, so when he tells me about a product I know that this is the product for us. When he brought up the FitBark2 I was a little skeptical, I mean, why did we need to know how many “steps” our dog was doing, I mean I was curious because we have a very active dog, but did I REALLY need to know day in and day out how many miles my dog was going? Aaron, found a really good deal and in my exhausted newborn stupor, I agreed.


The FitBark arrived in 3 days instead of the 5 that was promised (a great start to me loving to product, in my mind), we charged it up and attached it to his collar. Now the biggest downfall in my mind is that the FitBark is attached with zip ties, which makes switching collars hard, although not difficult if you really do need to switch collars. They do make MANY fun colored covers for it, which I adore.


The first day we attached the FitBark we took Qwerty to the dog park , in an hour at the park went 5 miles! Just from the stats I saw I was hooked. You can calibrate it so it calculates mileage, it also has “Bark Points” these are essentially “steps” for dogs (calculating steps for a 4 legged is a little more complicated than doing so for a 2 legged). You can set individual goals and the app will help you to figure out what goal is best for your dog and you can adjust as needed.


The FitBark has been an amazing tool for us, as owners of a German Shorthaired Pointer. They are extremely high energy and we are very visual people who where struggling to try and find how much exercise Qwerty REALLY needed. Once we had it on a few days we set his goal to 20,000 Bark points and since I was on maternity leave, its was actually pretty easy to get him to that number every day. We figured out if he would get to his 20,000 points a day we would have a quiet evening with him. We FINALLY discovered a balance and it has been amazing!


Another benefit is that it calculates an estimate for how many calories your dog has burned during the day. A great tool for both an active, lean dog and a lazy, overweight dog. For us, I know when I should give Qwerty an extra meal during the day to keep his weight on. If he ever becomes overweight I have a better judge of what to cut his calories down to! Being a vet tech, this is an awesome feature to help me monitor health. The company is also trying to use the data collected to help the veterinary industry track illnesses and even sleep in dogs!


If you get one I highly recommend spending the extra money on the warranty, as well. It covers replacement for if it gets bitten, we have already lost one of them due to a young dog at day care taking a chomp out of it! It was replaced for FREE (you do have to pay shipping and handling) and we got it within a few days!

Customer service is also quick and very helpful as well. You can message them anytime and there is somebody there to help troubleshoot!!

This product has some really awesome features, that both Aaron and I love! One downfall is there is no GPS tracking. It is an option on some dog fitness trackers, but we wanted longer battery life. With the FitBark we only need to charge it 2-3 times a year, any product with GPS in it requires charging every 2 days, which seems like a hassle to us. Really this is the only thing I can say I am sad about with this product.


If you are looking for a fun way to track your dog’s (or cat even!) fitness and health, I highly recommend this product. I do not endorse things I do not believe in because I do not see a point in telling people about a product that I do not use personally. (And I am not being paid to write this specific blog post, I honestly love this product). Feel free to leave any questions about it in the comments!img_20180926_210208

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