5 New Year’s Resolutions for you and your Pet

As the Holidays wind down and we approach the New Year it’s a good idea to reflect on the past year and start preparing for the new year, a fresh start.

Strengthen the bond. Trust is key in your relationship with your pet and in any relationship you need to constantly work on it and strengthen it. One of the best ways to do this is participate in activities together. Find a hobby with your pet! Qwerty and I are currently in a Fun Agility class and a nose work class. You can also find activities your cats or other critters can enjoy. Teach them tricks at home, play with them, find any activity to do with your pet, set a goal and work towards it!

Exercise more. I know, I know, it’s such a cliche resolution, everybody does it, but did you know that on average 56% of U.S. dogs and 60% of U.S. cats were considered obese in 2017? All the more reason to start an exercise regimen. Walk more. Explore new trails. Play more! It’s good for the both of you!

Volunteer together! There are many organizations that you can register your pet (even cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ect) to be therapy pets, then you can go visit hospitals, group homes, nursing homes together and bring the joy of your pet with other people and offer a few hours of companionship to someone who could really use it!

Learn new tricks. All animals can learn tricks. Set a goal for a certain number of new things to teach your pet in 2019! This can be great to keep loving, strengthen your bond, and it’s a great way just to spend some time together. Teach your kitty to sit. Your guinea pig can learn to roll a ball! Even fish can learn tricks! Explore things that you and your pet can learn!

Explore new places. This may be an easier thing for dog owners. But as pets become increasingly ingrained in our families more and more places are offering pet friendly events. Make it a goal to go out to some of these events with your pet! It’s great for socialization and meeting new people with your shared interests!

Do you have any resolutions for you and your pets? Qwerty and I are looking forward to doing more classes together and possibly trying to get into volunteering! We hope you all have a wonderful and safe new year! We appreciate and are thankful for everyone who has taken the time to read this book the past 6 months ❤️

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