The new holes in my yard

Spring is FINALLY here, after a couple April Snow storms, our grass is starting to become green. We are outside in the yard playing frisbee so much more, it’s such a nice feeling. Qwerty really is enjoying the extra time with his favorite circular disc.

Every Spring we notice random dirt mounds in our yard, fairly certain there is some sort of critter digging under the grass, we have just never actually seen proof. Q definitely thinks there is something in the yard and usually digs this time of year. Not really a trait I love, but he mostly does it when left unattended too long, without enough stimulation for the day. As with most of his bad traits, I usually can find a REASON for them, that I can work on, thank goodness.

Today, it was rainy, we have a sick kid at home, and quality Q time has been limited to say the least. He was out in the yard by himself and low and behold we found a new dig spot, right smack dab in the middle of our back yard.

Its an obvious trail, where he found a dead end, we actually had a hive of ground bees in that spot a couple years ago, that have since moved on.

Here’s the thing, I can’t punish him for this hole because we did not catch him in the act. Punishing him for this particular spot would be futile. So what do I have to do instead? Keep on top of his physical and mental activities and keep a little closer eye on him in the yard. Try to distract him from digging and reward him for not digging.

I always try to find the reason for why Qwerty does something I do not like, there usually is something. With him, he is a smart, very active dog, usually his antics are a result of boredom. Which is why we always try our best to keep him mentally stimulated. We also are constantly working on training, it never stops, and I doubt it ever will.

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