Qwerty’s Second Year

Qwerty’s second birthday was on May 9th. Last year I wrote a post describing what our first year with Qwerty was like, I thought I would try and do a yearly post on a summary of our years together. If you didn’t read last years post, we got Qwerty from a wonderful breeder right around our daughter’s 2nd birthday, we still remain in contact with his breeder. Just a few sort weeks after bringing Qwerty home my father passed away (my father is the person who introduced me to the German Short hairs) and Qwerty helped me immensely through that rough time. Then a few weeks after that we found out we were pregnant with our now 1 year old son. Lets just say it was a whirl wind first year full of many highs and lows.

This second year has not been as eventful, which is probably a good thing. This years theme has been more Settling In. Qwerty has finally gotten out of most the puppy phase. Of course he is still a very active boy and needs a large amount of exercise and stimulation, but he has matured so much from the puppy he used to be. Its like he fits perfectly into everything we do now.

Over the past year, Qwerty and I have been going to more events. We did some parades with our Doggy Daycare/Trainer last year and through that and training classes have met some new dog friends who we meet up with on a regular basis. Also through our Instagram we have meet many local “celebrities” that we meet up with. We go to different dog friendly places and hang out with dog people and Qwerty gets to meet up with new dogs, that has been great for the both of us!

Over the past year Qwerty had also earned more privileges. In our house we make Qwerty earn our trust. Like when he was a puppy he was kenneled whenever we could not watch him, as he became potty trained and started not chewing things up he slowly worked his way up to not needing to be kenneled unless we aren’t home and at night. Recently he started being allowed to sleep in bed with is some nights. He and the cats still do not have the best relationship (he wants to play, the cats don’t) so in order to allow all animal children time in the bed Q gets the weekends. He does great! Stays on the bed and sleeps until our usual work wake up time. I love it!

He and the human children also get along really well. He does tend to lick the babies face, but overall he will let them do about anything to him. We also use Qwerty as an opportunity to teach the kids how to interact with dogs. He is so patient that it works well and both kids have done great in learning appropriate ways to pet and play with dogs.

Overall this past year has been nothing short of Amazing! I am looking forward to starting more serious Nose Work with Qwerty, we have an Odor Recognition Trial in July which is a precursor to actually competing, I know he will rock it! I just have to hold myself together as his handler and trust our bond. I look forward to many more adventures in this 3rd year. ♥️

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