Doggy Playdates

Nice weather has finally arrived in Minnesota, after seeing signs of snow in the middle of May! We have met some wonderful canine friends through our training facility/doggy day care. Over the winter our doggy day care offered indoor dog park some days and we would regularly meet up with a group of amazing dogs! Now that the weather is nice we have made a promise to get together as often as we can to allow our dogs to play together.

Now I know I have mentioned how we personally do enjoy trips to the dog park, which I know some people do not for various reasons. For us the dog park allows a large fenced in area for Qwerty to utilize his hunting skills and also free run without having to be on a leash. But ultimately we DO NOT use the dog park for socialization, to be honest we typically do not interact with many other dogs as the park, just because we do not know those other dogs and how they play or their health status. So, in order to socialize our group of friends has become an important part of our life together.

Our meet ups have been great for not only Qwerty’s mental and physical health, it has helped me immensely. I have a tendency to be a bit of a hermit, between working full time, having 2 young children to take care of, and wanting to spend time with my husband, I have struggled with having a social life. But if you tell me my dog needs to go socialize? I am all about doing things for him and through him I have made friendships I would have never have made on my own! Its amazing, we all come from different places, the age range spans decades, but we all have one huge thing in common and that is the love of our dogs, and through them something wonderful has blossomed!

Recently we had the most beautiful sunny day, we met up at one of our houses, we all brought some human food to share with each other, there was a kiddie pool, ice cubes, and plenty of toys for the dogs and all of the dogs had a great time zooming around and playing, while us people sat around and chatted about everything.

Overall Qwerty has been amazing for my social life, I tend to be an introvert, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to interact with people, it just makes meeting new people a little more difficult because small talk is not easy for me. I find starting a conversation much easier if I can talk about my dog! And it works out for both of us because Qwerty is able to enjoy time with other dogs, getting to let loose and just be a dog himself.

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