Our Story.


It all actually started in 1993, when I got my first German Shorthaired Pointer (well, technically she was my Dad’s hunting dog, but she quickly became quite the family dog). Her name was Cindy and she was far from perfect, but she was “MY” dog (self proclaimed). Cindy and I had 10 awesome years together, playing frisbee and just exploring the yard together, until one day I got a terrible phone call from my Dad that she had been struck and killed by a car, my heart was broken. I had always told my mom that when I was 18 I was going to move out of the house and get a dog of my own (HA!). Well, that didn’t happen, not until 2017 when my husband and I had been in our first home for a year and our daughter was just about to turn 2 years old. Finally we were ready for my dream dog. I spend months researching looking for the perfect place to get our German Shorthaired Pointer from, until I stumbled across Qwerty’s breeder (Any Good Reason Kennels). Not only was it a good friend of a family member (now a good friend of our family), they only breed for betterment of the breed and they treat all their animals with love. I contacted them and they were to have a litter due in May, which was as perfect of timing as we could have asked for! May 9th, 2017 Qwerty and his one brother were born. On July 2nd, 2017 (3 days before my daughter’s 2nd birthday), Qwerty came home.


And here we are, 2 parents, 2 human kids, 2 kitties, and 1 Qwerty, life is crazy, but full of good things.

Princess Kiwi


About the Blogger

I am Michelle, I am a Certified Veterinary Technician with a passion for animal behavior and client education, hence why Qwerty Wonder Pup was started, to pursue my passion of educating people on how to live happily with their pets. Married to Aaron, he is amazing to put up with me, 2 young human children, Rya’c and Kiwi the kitties, and of course my main man, Qwerty.


About Qwerty Wonder Pup

Qwerty is a high energy ball of love. He has his challenges, mostly caused by boredom, but he is the best dog ever. His favorite activity is Frisbee, we have to keep the Frisbee hidden when it is not in use or he will not put it down. He absolutely adores his 2 little people (and all kids really). He really is a Wonder Pup in our eyes.

About Rya’c

Rya’c is a domestic shorthair cat who we adopted from the humane society in 2008 as a 2 year old. He was and is still, our first true fur baby and has tolerated so much. His past is a little sad, as he was rescued from a hoarding situation and was 1 of 20 or so cats in an apartment. In his life with us he has moved 7 times, tolerated a few guinea pigs, Kiwi the princess, family dogs coming and going, our 2 kids, and of course the Wrecking Ball that is Qwerty. He remains ever faithful, loving, and goofy, even though he is reaching his senior years.


About Kiwi

Kiwi is another domestic short hair we adopted from the humane society in 2010 as an 8 week old kitten. Her nick name is Little Witch (replace the W with a B) and Kiwi Lady, she is 100% spoiled princess. Although slightly less tolerant of things than her older brother, she is also a pretty laid back girl. I doubt her and Qwerty will ever become best friends though. She doesn’t like to be pet, but loves her face rubs and loves a warm lap as long as the dog is not around.